2015-11-04 13:13:25


My name is Emilija and I’m a graphic designer. For the past three years, I have been creating various t-shirt designs. During this time, I have created more than 200 unique designs and I can sincerely say that the most important thing about designer’s job is the ability to produce original and high-quality pieces.

More about it:


The design is a great form of self-expression. Therefore, every time you create a new design don’t forget that the vital thing about your creative process is your ability to freely express yourself and your ideas behind the design. I believe that when you master this skill, only then you will be noticed and appreciated by others. Also, don’t forget that while it is natural to get inspired and influenced by other designers and visual artists from time to time, it is significant to stay true to yourself and be unique! Why? Because nobody is interested in seeing a plagiarized work!


When drafting ideas for your upcoming design, don’t forget that it is very important that it would be clearly seen not only from up close but from afar as well. Only then viewer’s attention will be concentrated on your design work rather than mistakes you might have left when creating it. In addition, when creating a design make sure that its resolution is not smaller than 300 dpi, colour module – RGB, and the design itself is not smaller than 2500 x 2500 pixels. Moreover, before saving your design make sure to check whether you haven’t left any unnecessary details and whether you have cut your design clearly, etc.

Other important things to consider:

TYPOGRAPHY: If you like to use typography in our designs, always remember that it has to be meaningful and clearly readable. Quick tip: use bigger size and clear font, also don’t go crazy with different effects and colour combinations otherwise your design will look as a meaningless spot! The best thing to do is to try to keep your design as clear and professional as possible.

COLORS: If you are planning on creating a colourful design, don’t try to use the whole colour palette! Just pick a few colours that match with each other. In that case, your design will attract more attention even if you look to it from afar.

EFFECTS: A few additional effects such as highlighting, blurring or filtering are all good to use when creating a design because all of these different effects can add an extra expressivity and uniqueness to your design work. However, be aware that using too many effects can sometimes undermine your design and make it look dull. Therefore, when picking an effect always think of what type of function it will perform? Will it highlight the most important details of your design? Will it give your design an aged effect? Or, maybe, your design already looks good enough without any added effects?

GARMENT AND DESIGN: When uploading your designs into website, you can always determine what colour clothes or other items buyers will be able to buy with your unique designs. While uploading and picking a colour, remember that the most important thing is quality and not quantity! Always select only those colours that highlight your design and not make it look dull.