Just a few words about us. Who we are? We are a community of people who are passionate about design and arts. Innovative and unique clothing design is what fuels us and constantly runs through our crazy minds! (And even keeps us up at night!) For us, the line between the work and hobby has been completely blurred and we frequently forget whether we are truly working or just doing what we love!

If you think like us, then come join us on this passionate ride! And it doesn’t really matter whether you are just a beginner designer or a more advanced one! Learn more about working and promoting your work with Style Art here. We cannot wait for you to join us! For professional inquiries send us an email by completing this form. For other questions feel free to tweet @styleart, or write on our Facebook Wall.

All in all, we love design. We know you do too! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place! What we do? Besides combining our crazy minds into mind-blowing designs and creating unique clothes, with the aim to fulfil every person’s style, we also dream… We dream about more colourful and stylish world with freedom of expression and no boundaries for creativity!